Build a strong team for your startup

Being an Entrepreneur is demanding yet fulfilling. Entrepreneurship is not a job, but a lifestyle, dedicated to your company. A strong team is the base of a good product, more important that strategic partnerships, marketing etc.
Believe in yourself. When starting anew, it is bound to have many voices that put you down, be it from your mentor, company, supervisor, or family. It would be a long journey, and temptations along the way are difficult to resist. So would  you venture into the next new trend, or stay true to your passion and vision?
Believe in your team. Trust your  team when the company is developing, when situations are against them. However, trust inspires a sense of confidence. Treat your team as family to form a solid one. It is the essential skill of entrepreneur, to believe and encourage trust within the team.
Root out the evil in the team. At some point, employee might demand for what he wants. His actions may disrupt the stability of the company. Compromises and threats lead to entrepreneurial failures. Actions that shaken the stability of the company are detrimental to the company. To develop the outstanding product, the company must become a fertile ground that retains its team. A cohesive and strong company culture sometimes overrides other strategies in developing a successful product.
Design your product keeping your customers in mind. What value does your product or service create for them? Without understanding the user’s preference, habits, mood, the user experience of the game will not be well liked. When the tides are against you, venturing into other areas such as VR, without a strong foundation in the core competency of the company will only result in an average product. Retention rate for an average game will not be high. Marketing and other strategies can help you to acquire players, but not retain them.