Thank You for Joining Us at GMGC Manila!

GMGC Manila ended with a blast! Held on 12-13 January, the first gaming conference in Manila has attracted more than 700 regional and international game developers game publishers, making it one of the most diverse conference in the region. Our awesome speakers delivered informative speeches on a range of topics including game development, mobile and technology industry, advertising, analytics, driving revenues, Japanese & Southeast Asian market, and even sound designing for games. 

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GMGC would like to thank all the speakers, media partners & attendees for their participation in the conference!

A big shout out to our sponsors: 
 Xurpas, Globe, Altitude Games, Game plus, Gamefounders, Pikpok, Appsflyer, Nemesis and Akamai for supporting the event!

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Conference highlights:

Keynotes and Panels:

gmgc manila philippines first gaming conference 2017 nix nolledo xurpas gabby dizon altitude games southeast asia conference sea gaming conference

“Opportunities in the digital technology are ample here (in the Philippines). Southeast Asia is a huge market, but businesses need to think differently to get their games or products appreciated in the market.” said Mr. Nix Nolledo on the outlook of the region. Other 40 speakers including Alvin Juban, President of GDAP, Gabby Dizon - CEO of Altitude Games, Daniel Horan – Commercial Director of Globe Telecom, spoke on the regional market, as well as the road map for the Philippines gaming industry. Derrick Mapagu – CEO of Most Played Games shared his hit game story with the audience. The discussions were inspiring and gave the captivated audience plenty to think about.

Special Guest:
gmgc manila 2017 philippines first gaming conference bam aquino senator game development game dev indiegame

The Honourable Senator, Bam Aquino, was the guest of honour of the event “ I am glad to have GMGC hosting the conference in Manila. I hope that developers will learn and explore more opportunities through the GMGC platform.” He said.

Indie Pitch Arena:
gmgc manila indie pitch arena ipa beijing gamedev game developer competition

Springloaded and Minidragon have emerged as the champion and runner up in the Indie Pitch Arena for their games, Nether Realms & Rainbowtail respectively! Nether Realms is a cross between ‘Plants VS Zombies’ and ‘Spore', a tower defence/RPG game where players send waves of monster in the goal of unleashing the apocalypse. Rainbowtail merges the overwhelmingly popular Match-3 genre with addictive RPG and Strategy elements. 

gmgc manila 2017 game development gaming conference xeleb panel celebrities Anne Curtis-Smith Isabelle Daza Erwan Heussaff Alejandro “Kuya Kim” Atienza

Celebrities from Xeleb including Anne Curtis-Smith, Isabelle Daza,  Erwan Heussaff, and even Alejandro “Kuya Kim” Atienza shared their experiences in creating their games. Casual mobile games that feature celebrities have started to take off and Xeleb is quick to catch on this trend and has developed a series of games based on the celebrities in the Philippines. 


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Thank you again for being a part of such a wonderful conference experience. We hope to see you again soon!