Mobile Game in Southeast Asia - Is Sky the Limit?

Is the sky really the limit in Southeast asia gaming marketing conference gmgc beijing kunshan china

Southeast Asia is a growing market for mobile games.  Each of the 6 main countries require a different approach to enter the market. GMGC Beijing explores the potential and approach to the different game markets in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

Martin Ha:There are many regulations and approval required of each game in Vietnam

Last year, the size of the Vietnam mobile game market has reached 815 million US dollars, but the market is slowing down, as the growth rate has dropped from 18% in the previous year to 15% .
Credit cards accounted for less than 3% of our revenue. We work with Google, Applepay, and Third-party payment that accounts for 55% of the users. As commission for third party payments is pretty high, sometimes 16%, we will give players an additional 6% of the virtual currency as an incentive to encourage everyone to use credit card payments instead. Adopting third party payment is the key to long term development, apart from Applepay or Google.
There are many regulations and approval required for each game, so we are experts in this area being in the market for a few years.
Justin Kim: Wages for Programmers and Game Developers are six times lower than the wage levels in US and Europe. 

We have been in the Philippines for five years. The language barriers are lower, wages for programmers and game developers are six times lower than the wage levels in China, the US and Europe. As for games, the language barrier in the Philippines mobile game market is also lower, as English is an official language and RPG is the mainstream. However, as Philippines might not be the fastest growing economy, there is a need to lower the price in the Philippines market.

Jasni Zain: The Malaysia Government hopes to attract technology companies to Malaysia

There is no doubt that Southeast Asia has unlimited potential. Southeast Asia is made up of many countries and with double digit growth potential in 2016. The main six countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, each present a different set of challenges. Some of the challenges include payment solutions and growing talents. This is when associations have a role to play, in encouraging the growth of the industry.  The Malaysian government hopes to attract technology companies to Malaysia and to give them an environment that they can get enough return, and grow in Malaysia. From the macro economic view, it has created employment, in addition to increase the GDP, encouraging knowledge transfer and innovation.
Paul Leishman:Third party payment is adopted by 80% of the market

Three years ago, we tried to educate everyone on the importance of third parties, and now it is a lot more simpler. Third party payment is the key to enter the Southeast Asian market as it is the payment method adopted by 80% of people. Payments may be made through billing, the best way to get into a large-scale market, direct bank transfer, as well as cash in the convenience store to pay. Bank transfer has been the fastest method of payment, which is the main way we get big players pay.

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