Dealing with failure - It’s okay to fail!

How not to go crazy when the game you’ve worked for more than two years doesn’t earn enough to even reach to what you need for break even.

I am not planning to fail, why I should be even bothered about that?

Well, answer to this question is, failure is something you should count on, especially as a new studio. It’s always better to have an option B. Failure feels like chewing on the food that you don’t like, bleeding in your mouth, while thinking of the bad review given about the game on popular blogs.

So, how to prepare yourself for this killer breakdown?
- Emotionally
- Financially
- Mentally

All these three are equally important while standing up for your passion.

Being emotionally prepared, gives you a positive energy and hope that something would work out even though everything is 0 around.

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Separate yourself from your work. Understand that, “You” are not your “work”. Success stories of successful people flood our social media accounts making us feel more and more down with every scroll and every click. Try to spend time more offline to avoid self demoralization. Maintain, nurture and build relationships with your friends, family and important ones. Let others be a part of your phase if they can. Share your burden. Don’t isolate and hide in a shell.

Save some resources to survive later.

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Talking about finance, evaluate your current situation; calculate the funding, how long can you survive if the game fails? It’s a mistake to use all of your resources on initial development with hopes that you launch a perfect product. Instead, save some resources to survive later. Plan for the next game launch.

Actively imagining the worst scenario.

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Being mentally prepared is all about being an optimistic. “Nothing happens to the wise man contrary to his expectations – Seneca”. Not only positive visualization is very important. But also, negative visualization – actively imagining the worst scenario is just as essential.

Some of you also might say – I did all of this and I still failed. Now what? Then, think about what went wrong again! Look at the feedback, then categorize.

-Things you can’t control
-Things you can control
- Opportunities

There are certain things that are out of your hands, some can be upgraded and controlled. Turn the chances into the opportunities. And when you have done all that you can fix the current issues… Look to the future!

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Our failures teach us the most and allow us to succeed if we have the will to carry on. Game development is a lot like who wants to be a Millionaire? If you use all of your lifelines in the small term, it’s very easy to make a few thousand very fast. Yet if you prepare for the long road ahead, you could walk away with a million dollars. Which would you rather have?