New Mobile Game Segments in Vietnam

In 2016, there is a shift away from MMORPG games towards more diverse game genre in Vietnam. While MMORPG used make up more than half of the top 10 games in Vietnam, MMORPG only contributed 30% to the top 10 mobile games in 2016. The other top mobile games downloads include casual games, MOBA, and FPS. With more mobile game players that increases with the mobile phone adoption rate, new game segments are emerging in Vietnam.
Female Games
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A few games targeted at female gamers have emerged in 2016. Players vs Players game mode and social elements proved to be popular among female gamers. For example, in Ngoi Sao Hoang Cung,  players dress up their characters for beauty contests, and sharing them on their social media. Despite being a hardcore game, allowing gamers design their own characters led to more sharing and traction for the game. 
Social Games
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Casual Games with strong social networking features are gaining its popularity in Vietnam. Younger users are looking for ways to connect and reach out to other gamers, and chat with other gamers within the games. Such games offer options social sharing and game invites that proved to be popular among young gamers.
Specialization of Gameplay
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Cuu Am is a unique combat system RPG, building on the foundation of rock-paper-scissors, with modifications to satisfy the needs of hardcore gamers. With a different game play, the game is targeted at a very specific segment of hardcore gamers, making it a success in 2016, despite the less popular client IP. Mainstream game genres can differentiate themselves based on market segments.
E-Sport/ MOBA/ FPS

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Esport is relatively successful on the PC in Vietnam. Gamers are quickly adopting to mobile MOBA, paving the way for e-sports mobile in Vietnam. 3Q Mobi is the 2nd more successful MOBA on Vietnam PC, with the mobile version coming in the top 10 revenue in 2016. Lien Quan, a game that it launched recently in 2017, has also hit top download charts. While E sports might not bring in revenue like in China and Korea, it will have a boom in 2017, 2018, and is a good avenue for branding. 

Source: Christopher Liu
, "Discovering New Game Segments in MMORPG-Crazy Vietnam".

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