Benefits of Membership

Centred on collaboration and creating new business partnerships, our executive membership club is a global
community of C-level and senior executives all specially vetted and selected by GMGC.  With 230 members and counting, the GMGC Executive Club provides opportunities for members to find new business partnerships and prospective clients, while also providing access to new markets.

With Chinese, Southeast Asian & International members, this group provides the necessary relationships and 
network for foreign companies seeking to expand to the greater China and APAC region.

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Services & Consulting

Our mission is to use our resources, information and platform to help mobile game companies to expand and find new markets.

PR and News Support in China

Are you trying to raise awareness for your new product launch, latest investment round, or the announcement of a strategic partnership? Do you lack the resources to get your news widely spread in China? GMGC has strategic partnerships in place with over 40 of China’s top industry media and can help get your news into market.


Strategic Acquisitions

Strategic acquisitions can be a great way to venture into new verticals and markets, and strengthen your position in existing markets. Finding the best match for your strategic acquisition, however, can be time very consuming and challenging. With a database of over 8,000 companies and a consultant team that clearly understands your strategic requirements, we can help you identify and connect you to the best possible partners.


Resolve IP Conflicts in China

Settling mobile game intellectual property (IP) conflicts through legal channels are costly, time consuming, can permanently damage relationships for very little positive or effective outcome. GMGC is an independent and, thus, neutral organization that supports the growth of a healthy industry, offering consultancy services to connect parties and help mediate discussions toward a win-win solution for all parties.


Member Activities

  • Private Member Events

    Attend invite-only member events, such as small networking dinners and the G50 Game Summit, and get personally connected to prospective business partners and clients.

  • VIP Services & Consultancy

    Get VIP access to all of our GMGC industry conferences, with priority consideration for speaking and media opportunities, and get special rates for consultancy services

  • Executive B-Trips

    Join invitation-only and tailor-made business trips to explore new markets, get the inside look into leading local companies, and get personal introductions to top domestic partners.

  • Wednesday dinner

    GMGC organized by the high-end business networking dinner for members of my activities. Dinner will be in the theme of sharing, interaction and learning based.