1. New Mobile Game Segments in Vietnam

    In 2016, there is a shift away from MMORPG games towards more diverse game genre With more mobile game players that increases with the mobile phone adoption rate, new game segments are emerging in Vietnam

  2. Things to Learn from 2016 Global Mobile Market and Actions to Take in 2017

    2016 was a year that global mobile app ecosystem experienced some major changes China became the largest iOS App Store revenue generator worldwide, with accelerated growth rate

  3. Dealing with failure - It’s okay to fail!

    How not to go crazy when the game you’ve worked for more than two years doesn’t earn enough to even reach to what you need for break even

  4. 5 Keys Developers Must Know About Mobile Game Market in Vietnam

    Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the gaming industry With a market size that is similar to Thailand, Vietnam is one of the top 3 largest market in Southeast Asia, contributing to 60% of the revenue in the region

  5. Shifting Game Landscape in Vietnam by the post 90s Generation

    With 94 million population, 30 million mobile game users, and over 200 million USD mobile game revenue, the mobile game market in Vietnam holds a lot of potential, drawing attention from companies in Asia

  6. Mobile Game in Southeast Asia - Is Sky the Limit?

    Southeast Asia is a growing market for mobile games Each of the 6 main countries require a different approach to enter the market GMGC Beijing explores the potential and approach to the different SEA markets

  7. Best of and Takeaways from #GMGCBEIJING2017!

    A total of 6 stages, gave a way to interesting keynotes & panel discussions hosted by renowned industry leaders Topics ranged from Opportunities &Challenges for Virtual Reality, Pan-entertainment, live streaming, to specific markets and regions

  8. Top 5 Tech Trends to Look out for in 2017

    This year, GMGC Beijing has rolled out new tracks to discuss the innovations in technology Find out the future technologies changing the face of business in the next few years

  9. Thank You for Joining Us at GMGC Manila!

    GMGC start the year with our Southeast Asia tour at Manila, the Philippines Held on 12-13 January, the first gaming conference in Manila has attracted more than 700 regional and international game developers and game publishers

  10. Build a strong team for your startup

    Being an Entrepreneur is demanding yet fulfilling Entrepreneurship is not a job, but a lifestyle, dedicated to y