1. The GMG Congress Number of Attendees has been more than Tripled in Less than a Y

    By going from a one-day event with 3,000+ attendees in May 2013, to a two-day event with 11,000+ attendees in

  2. Success Beyond Expectations for the 2nd GMGDC 2013!

    It is Hard to Say Goodbye, So Let Us Meet at Beijing——GMGDC in Chengdu was a SuccessSunday, November 24th, 18

  3. Erif Wang,CEO,EGLS: 3 Aspects of Severe Risk for Developing Online Games

    Of a " war hero soul" is a dedicated phone Iger Las severe development and operation of online games company,

  4. Ryan Weber, Co-Founder of NativeX: Emphasizes the Purchasing Power of Little Gir

    Nativex from the United States , co-founder Ryan Weber in his keynote address the first to share the company& 39

  5. Third Wave’s Barak: Letting Mobile Games to Use New Media to String Comic Movi

    Similarly third wave of partner from the United States , Mr Barak H Bussel to introduce the game in the movie

  6. David Helgason, CEO of Unity: Chinese Publishers are Playing a Dangerous Game by

    David Helgason, CEO of Unity, gave a talk at theGMGDCin Chengdu today David admitted that Unity, which has been

  7. GMGDC: Interview with the CEOs of D.cn and Playcrab

    During the morning session of the first day of GMGDC in Chengdu, Andy Tian, the CEO of Asia Innovations, sat d

  8. Jie Chen, VP of 360: Android will account for 80% of mobile game revenue in Chin

    On the first day of GMGDC in Chengdu, Terry Chen, VP of 360, held a keynote sharing some interesting prediction

  9. Dino Ying: “Come to Chengdu, Love Chengdu”

    Dino Ying Dino Ying, President of CMGE, started his speech today by expressing how much he loves Chengdu, how h

  10. GMGDC’s 1st Keynote: Chengdu & Moloong’s Role in Free-to-Play Gaming Era

    At the 1st day of the conference, Rety Chen joined us on stage as the first keynote speaker, to share with us